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Frey is a brand management company serving the global automotive aftermarket parts supply chain. Founded Frey (Xinjiang) Company in 2004, and Frey (Guangzhou) Company in 2008. Since the establishment of the Frey company, it has always focused on the research and development and operation of its own brand FREY. Currently, the Frey brand has covered hundreds of countries and regions in South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

In line with the business philosophy of "All customer-centric", Frey company takes customer satisfaction as the standard and provides professional services to create a high-end brand in the automotive aftermarket led by Mercedes-Benz and BMW parts.The 16 years of market brand precipitation and training have won unanimous praise and trust from customers at home and abroad, and established a good corporate brand image.

Frey company advocates "make work effective, make employees successful", focus on the training and development of employees, continuously introduce advanced management concepts, optimize and innovate management models, rationally allocate resources, improve team work efficiency, and help employees realize their self-worth.

Frey will always uphold the value of "responsibility and win-win", not insist on fearless competition, only focus on the pursuit of quality and customer satisfaction, and use actions to fulfill the promise to Frey people and contribution to society, let Frey became a well-respected brand company in the global automotive aftermarket.

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  • 2004
    The company was founded in 2004
  • 1.6W+
    SKU more than 15000
  • 150++
    Business covers more than 150 cities across the China market
  • 100++
    Business covers more than 100 countries around the world
Product Display
Engine series
Suspension series
Cooling system
Maintenance system
Brake system
Steering System
* This product is only suitable for Mercedes-Benz/BMW series
Quality First, Service Foremost

Frey company provides high-quality, high-stability, and cost-effective auto parts solutions for customers in the global automotive aftermarket.

Products have passed strict European standards certification.

Frey currently has deeply integrated products in the supply chain of Mercedes-Benz and BMW German cars in more than 15,000 categories.

The system covers a series of core component products such as suspension system, steering system, braking system, transmission system, rubber metal system, shock absorption system, engine cooling and heating system, engine sealing system, timing system, fuel supply system, window opening and closing system, etc. .

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